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Iptv is a new concept of watching television at home. Over a billion people use this technology in watching live shows and contents of their choices these days. There is no need for a cable connection for transmitting TV programs as everything comes through IP networks.

The new concept is known to only a few people around the globe. Thus, we have compiled seven essential facts about IPTV that may help users dispel doubts.

Here are the seven import facts:

1. IPTV requires a broadband connection

Iptv needs a broadband connection or internet to work. It works in contrast to traditional routes of watching TV where signals are carried through satellite or cable connection. Working as live streaming, it needs a high-speed internet connection to experience quality pictures and viewing experience.

2. Growing subscription worldwide

Iptv is already a hit among internet users around the globe. The total IPTV Subscription of this new technology stands at 1.10 billion and counting in 2019. China is the leading country where IPTV subscriptions are growing by leaps and bound over the years. Even the European Union, America, Canada, and UK are not behind in numbers.

The researcher has estimated that this market will grow unabated with growing users of broadband connections around the world.

3. Live shows and videos on demand

The myiptv360 IPTV providers have excellent storage facility of the shows running live from subscribed broadcasters. Subscribers can watch live shows and videos on demand as per their requirements. Furthers, users can retrieve any live show from the storage to watch on the Television and other platforms. Television is more interactive now as users can request and get shows according to their preferences.

4. Special subscription packages

There is no need to buy a considerable IPTV Subscription channel list that costs more for a subscriber. Users can select channels based on their interests and needs – it may be a sport, movies, and other channels. Personal choices and preferences are heard in the package.

5. Technology gives a real-time protocol

IPTV works on real-time protocol technology. The content gets downloaded while streaming the data from the server. Computers and servers are set to receive data simultaneously through a mechanism called real-time protocol.

6. Time-shifted Media

Users able to watch live TV shows or missed programs retrieving them from the storage facility. IPTV Subscribers can get access to media played in the last week or hour ago through the time-shifted Media. Users can choose their time and place of watching shows from the recorded contents.

7. Runs on different platforms

IPTV runs well on different platforms such as smart TV, web browsers, smartphone, and windows. As a result, users can choose their convenient platform of watching contents apart from traditional Television. It means users can watch shows on smart TV as well as handheld devices.